Big Glasses Portrait
"You're gonna regret it!"
Devilman Crybaby inspired drawing
Mystic Lady
The Ick
"Beso en la frente, medicina Rivotril"
2D Police Concept
"Ojitos rojos y no por el cloro"
"En el parque"
Quantum fly
My heart has been feeling lonely lately
3D Character Animation Reel

Moon Child is a 2.5D platform game set in a fantasy world, in which we embody a God of unknown origin. His mission is to take one of the children of the villagers to complete the lunar cycle, but the akutubarun (creatures of mysterious origin) will try to avoid him at all costs. The player must use his powers that will be granted by different gems, in order to achieve his goal.

Moonchild is the project i did with some of my classmates for my last year of the Animation, Videogames and Interactive Enviroments Higher Education Program I was enrolled in.
On the process of making this videogame I was part of the animation, rigging, concept, mechanics design and model department.
You can download the game and try it yourself by visiting this website:

Hope you enjoy it!

Jaguar E Type - 3D Model
Face Rig
Student Rigging Demo Reel